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This page is just a beginning.
More is Coming.
Because for the First Time in my life, I've found a company and a product worthy of my efforts and it just makes sense.


Join the BizHelpTeam and get a Custom Website.

It's customized to you, i.e. or
For Any Manager in my organization.
When the company comes out with their own replicated sites, these will change.
Yours will be something like

(Being redone currently to reflect the Fast Google AMP Technology so it will work anywhere.)

Another exclusive team tool will simply put the FUN back in recruiting. It will work on any device and just about anywhere. Typical systems require a strong internet connection to work but since we work with some exclusive Google tools, we work nearly anywhere.
This system uses the new Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages framework.) Check It Out.
The benchmark speed is <2 seconds per page load on Any Device, with or without an internet connection and this is HUGE.

Example. Meet someone in an elevator or walk into a Restaurant, rather than having to start selling and explaining you just pull out your smart phone and start pushing buttons. Your information and videos appear instantly and you let the system do the selling. The typical issues of slow loading in poorly connected areas gone.

Folks, it's about Simplicity and Instant Credibility...Period.
I'm all in with SnapDelivered and because of that, I'm covering the costs when you are one of my Managers.

You Need a CRM System.

You MUST keep track of:

  • All your Different contacts, their names, address, etc.
  • What you Said and when.
  • A quick lookup by Name, City, etc.
  • Ability to quickly call, text or Email.
  • Schedule Calls, Meetings, Follow-up, etc. with reminders for each.
There are many systems out there and we have identified The Lease Expensive by far, and you can even stay free if you don't need email!
Watch the video and then click the "Smarter Connect" link below, and then scroll down to Chaos Software.

Note: We used to use ACT! but they are simply Off The Rails expensive. In addition, they build in obsolescence so every year or so you MUST purchase a new system. If you go for their online system, again Expensive.

Watch Video

More Tools

February 2022

Coming soon. This will be our group club for Restaurant Owners and will include tips, tricks, etc., things that are working. When we say we partner with the restaurant we MEAN IT. The only goal of this system is to help the Restaurant Owner grow their business. They just sign up and start receiving the messages in their inbox or download the marketing material for use as they need, and the site will be in a constant state of update.

February 2022

Here is one you will enjoy. There is a lot on it and it's continually being updated. Talk about the latest technology!
Works on Any Device, even a Text Message. We are creating a series of these and all you will do is send a link to someone from your email and they click to watch. Since it comes from you, they get back to you. We cover all the expense, development, hosting, etc. You just send to your prospects. (Currently under development.)

September 30, 2021

You saw this link just above. There is a lot here to include some interesting ways to text, a CRM system that you can get for FREE and will be something you will NEED and USE. 

More Features

Our Secret
Grab Attention
The biggest thing you can get your mind around is unless you Grab a prospects attention Immediately, you Lose. You MUST get away from how it's done today.

Does This sound Familiar?
Attention Getter
More Tools
Our Vid-Mail™ system will have several Attention Grabbing videos...

Like This One
Or This One.
Quick Intro
When you send out a SnapMail hete is a link to incorporate.

The Link.

How To

How Vid-Mail™ Works

Just copy the graphic, embed it at the beginning of your message, add the link and send it to your prospect through your email. Make it a personal message on whatever you want. We have the files, you just pick one and embed it into your email.
We will have a series of these and we cover all the costs of the system, streaming, etc. You just send using your email provider, or TEXT it as our system plays right from the text.
Note that the animated .gif will not animate in Microsoft Office Professional, that's a function of Office Professional and nobody can do anything about it. It will work on Outlook, Outlook 365, gmail and most others.

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