4-up Postcard

Getting Restaurants is KEY. In addition to the various marketing pieces produced by the company, we can create a 4-up card, customized to you to print, address and mail.

If you scan the Qnow™ code, note the speed, even if you have no internet connection. 

when you are REALLY SERIOUS.

I have a program where I can create these postcards, individually addressed to the Restaurant, and your contact information will be in the return addrsss.

I will go to work and load all your restaurants into my system and hit the button to generate the individual postcards with my Laser Printer . I will cover all the costs including the printing and mailing, but we need to talk first as I only do this for Partners that are committed.
After the mailing I'll issue you a report for all the contacts, their phone numbers, address, etc. Now you can follow-up and solidify the process.
We'll set this up so they contact you, not me. You are the point person in the area.

Leave Behind.

The next thing you need is a leave behind piece.
The company has several different tools you can download and print, and we have one as well.

First you print the 4-up above and then, on the back you print this 4-up for a special tools our BizHelpTeam members can offer.

The idea behind any leave behind piece is it MUST grab their attention and you only have a few seconds.

See what you think.

Open a New Area

There needs to be 10 Restaurants within a 5-mile radius and 10 drivers onboard to open a new area. Let's discuss this and strategize on a method to move forward. Once we have the required amount of restaurants and drivers we will help you get everything set up and running.

Future is

When you are on the BizHelpTeam™ you get something else for your restaurants.
It's all about being their Partner, and this system will help their bottom line. In addition, I have a Ph.D. in marketing and will be at your disposal. We'll discuss ways we can help your Restaurants Grow their Bottom Line.

They get

What business owner wouldn't want this?
BuyLocal™ will bring NEW folks into their business, plus we have more ways to work with them with some additional Google tools. fir instance, we show them how to keep their Google My Business listing up to date and we can do that for FREE. Not like those companies that call claiming to be a Google Partner so they can rip off the business. We ARE a Google Partner.

The Short Term.

You need to be prepared to take some time to get SnapDelivered going. It won't happen overnight, it's a process. but once it starts it takes off quite nicely.

We have an option for you. Many restaurants are pushing more for in-store or curbside pickup vs. delivery and we give them options.
The SnapApp can do those for just $1 each, or if you have a location that does more than 150 in s mon this option will get them their Own app that they can operate right off their website and use their existing payment gateway. 

We will give you an account and you set it up, then you give the restaurant log-in rights to control their own system. We will cover all the expenses and share in the monthly fees generated. This will be as much as 40% depending upon your commitment and determination.

You'll get your own account and can give accounts to your customers so they can manage their systems on their own. The nice thing about it, they have total control and it's Their Smarter App.

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