Disrupting the Restaurant Delivery Industry

There aren't too many times in our lives where we come across a truly Revolutionary Product or Service.

This is one of those times.

In addition to the company tools, we have quite a few for our team.

If you have joined our Team, WELCOME.

If you are still just considering it maybe the information on this site will help.

Time for

Push Button

Folks, I come from the Traditional Business sector. I never really became too interested in Multi Level Marketing companies because most of them are merely a lot of Hype with the old "Rah, Rah, we're all gonna' be rich." But I do understand FACTS and after a thorough evaluation of SnapDelivered it was clear, this truly IS a Ground Breaking Opportunity.

It hits ALL the buttons:
> A Huge Need in the Market.
> A HUGE Demand for Restaurants.
> Saves Restaurants a LOT OF MONEY over what they are already doing.
> Saves Consumers a LOT OF MONEY.
> An Exclusive Product.
> FREE to Join for the Restaurant, the Customer and the Driver.
> The Market Penetration Hurdle is Eliminated.
> Everyone gets "Paid2Save." This one is Brilliant.

I have decided that I'm all in and am bringing the Exclusive Tools and Systems over from my Smarter.Marketing® and TouchlessMarketing™ divisions to build an organization. As a member of my team, the things you will see on the next few pages will be available to you as No Charge. I'm covering the costs because FINALLY, a product and service worthy of my efforts.
Let's ROCK.

Dr. Rick Mayer

Why our Paid2Save System?

No other company in this industry does this.

How to Introduce a Product.

On behalf of the National Chamber of Commerce, several years ago The Wall Street Journal surveyed over 1,800 businesses asking "What is the Best way to introduce a product or service?"

The Overwhelming Response.

The answer, "Give it to me for Free".

We go One Better.

We give it away and then PAY people share with others! And they get Paid even if they stay FREE.

You may have seen this on the other website but it's so important we show it twice.

Think about this for just a few seconds.

You may be the world greatest Salesperson but your success will always be limited because in the typical business most of your folks will NOT be great at sales.
What if you don't have to be?
What if you just pushed buttons?
And What if you just showed something to someone, they immediately got it and not only Saved money but they got Paid to share it with others even though it was FREE to them?
Think you may have something?

Some Key Points

Your Prospects are MOBILE

If you aren't there as well you lose.
We have solved a major issue, Page Load Speed.

Video is KING

We are bringing over our VideoEvolve™ system to help in this business.


This system is currently under construction. Even if you aren't the world's greatest salesperson, I'll bet you can push buttons.

We are about to DISRUPT the Restaurant Industry.

Just a few of 

The Smart Phone has Changed the Game.
Smart Phone users Engage on Their Terms, not yours, and they usually find what they want on their own without your intervention.
It's time to Push Buttons to SHOW, rather than try to Tell and convince.

We have:
> Dedicated Smarter Apps for a Presentations.
> Different styles of Video Emails you can send from any device to any device, even Text.
> Mini Presentations for email or video newsletters, we host.
> A Whole Series of Tools you will see on the Tools menu.

Direct Customer Engagement on the mobile device gives us an Incredible Opportunity to Market to customers without them even realizing they are being marketed to!

When you do it Right, it becomes a Partnership between you and the prospect. You guide them along, helping them when they most want help. It's truly a Win/Win Partnership.
It becomes "The Art of Marketing Without Marketing."


Play and learn


Energistically create cross-media niche markets rather than standards compliant content.

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